Hailing from small town Kent's Store, VA.  Born on January 17, 1989.  Nick Smith knows the value of hard work and stays constantly pushing for success.  He began singing before he was even able to talk (just go with it) and began to sing publicly by fulfilling the varsity choir throughout his high school career.  After graduating from Fluvanna High, Nick immediately pursued a business degree and in his free time, started composing songs while learning to play guitar.  His goal was to eventually become a full time entertainer.  Meanwhile, Nick started several different businesses to keep things a float including a profitable tree cutting company.  As persistency started to eventually pay off, Nicks career in music then moved forward enough to endure putting together his first album EP in 2012 that did very well among new country critics.  Thereafter, Nick released his first full length latest album called "Just A Preview" in 2014.  As we lead into the the new decade, Nick resided in Nashville, Tennessee working in the background on growing his businesses, making new friends and making new music with Producer Elisha Hoffman.  A new record, carrying a fresh sound for the modern country/pop/r&b audience is anticipated to be released sometime in 2023.  Nick lives with the notion that hard work, persistence, and trials can achieve just about anything.