Hailing from small town Kent's Store, VA.  Born on January 17, 1989. Nick Smith quickly learned the values of hard work and independence at a young age.  He always loved to sing as a boy and showed it by fulfilling the varsity choir throughout his high school career.  After graduating from Fluvanna High, Nick immediately pursued a business degree while at the same time picked up a guitar to compliment his vocal's with the goal of becoming a full time entertainer one day.  Meanwhile he started up a profitable tree cutting company to make ends meet.  As persistency took it's roll, Nicks career in music moved forward enough to endure putting together his first album EP in 2012 that did very well among new country critics.  From there on Nick's songwriting and music production has since then led him to write his latest album called "Just A Preview".  Nick lives with the notion that hard work, persistence, and trials can achieve just about anything.